Ventura County Christian School

Ventura County Christian School is a K-12 School in the Ventura County area where my mother was a teacher. The preexisting website needed maintanance and did not adhere to the w3 standards so I agreed to minimally update the website.

I brought the website up to date and made sure it rendered well in modern browsers. Like all of my projects I place an emphasis on creating both valid but also well formed markup. The site was tested against different screen sizes and text only systems (e.g. for screen readers). In all situations I ensured that the site was accessible and navigation around the site was quick and easy.

One major contribution I made to the site which hopefully eased the ability to update it was that I pulled data away from the design so they could be updated independently. An example is the "upcoming events", which was incredibly stale when I decided to help with the website, was moved to its own file so that it could be formatted and rendered to fit with the home page.